Dexis Digital radiography

Our office uses Dexis Titanium digital sensors by Kavo to provide the best possible dental intra-oral imaging for our patients.  Some of the benefits of the Dexis Titanium digital sensors are:

  • Reduced radiation exposure and improved patient safety
  • Extraordinary image quality and resolution
  • Enhanced patient comfort due to unique sensor design
  • Immediate visualization of radiographs on operatory screens
  • Enlargement of radiographic images and modification of optical properties allows for improved clinical diagnosis
  • Environmentally friendly – ie. No more film or processing chemicals
Dexis Digital Radiography

The digital images can be magnified 300x the normal size to enhance diagnosis, manipulated to correct contrast, and color-adjusted to reveal hidden problems. This also allows the x-rays to be displayed in a size and format that our patients can better see and understand. Our digital sensors have the same superior image quality as film according to the ADA Seal of Acceptance requirements. Lastly, digital radiography is a “green” choice since no caustic chemicals are required to process the images.

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