Spear Study Club

Dr. Jay Laudenbach’s Spear Study Clubs focus on real-life cases and actual treatments – with expert clinicians presenting the latest techniques. The intimate scale of 8 to 12 like-minded peers encourages guided learning, interaction and interdisciplinary camaraderie. Spear is with you every step of the way. 

Group 1 -Monday Evenings

Meeting #1 Ann – Multiple Missing Teeth and the Complex Ortho/Surgical Restorative Case

Meeting #2 Manny – A Dual Arch Hybrid Prosthesis Using Guided Surgery

Meeting #3 Lou – Orthodontics vs. Orthognathics in the Restorative Case

Meeting #4 Michele – Orthodontic Extrusion for an Anterior Implant Case

Meeting #5 Maru – The Fixed Hybrid Case, Simplifying the Complex

Meeting #6  Diagnosing and Treatment Planning Endodontic Resorption 

Meeting #7 Janelle – Part 1 Managing the Compromised Case

Meeting #8 Janelle – Part 2 Biomechanical Considerations in Multiple Implant Cases

Group 2 -Tuesday Evenings

Meeting #1 The Spear Model

Meeting #2 “What do I do with this?” Where to Start on Complex Cases

Meeting #3 Maureen – Phasing a Well Planned Comprehensive Case

Meeting #4 Barbie – Altered Active Eruption and the Ortho/Perio/Restorative Case

Meeting #5 Dave – Losing a Single Central incisor: An Implant Solution

Meeting #6 Tyler –  Endo vs. Extraction in a Fractured Anterior Tooth

Meeting #7 Managing Anterior Single Tooth Implants

Meeting #8 Michele – Orthodontic Extrusion for an Anterior Implant Case

If you would like to join one of Dr. Laudenbach’s Spear Study Clubs, please contact our Professional Relations Coordinator, Diane Fosbenner, at [email protected] or Philadelphia Office Phone Number 215-985-4337