International Team for ImplantologyITI Study Club

Established in 1980, the International Team for Implantology has become the largest independent academic organization in implant dentistry and the related field of tissue regeneration. Its founding members had the vision that progress in the field of implant dentistry is best achieved if a inter-disciplinary team of clinicians and researchers collaborate closely to improve products and treatment methods on an ongoing basis and to keep abreast of the latest findings in the field. It unites professionals around the world from all fields of implant dentistry and hard and soft tissue regeneration.

The organization strongly supports the premise of well-documented treatment guidelines backed by extensive clinical testing and the compilation of long-term results. As an independent academic association, it actively promotes networking and exchange among its membership. ITI Members regularly share their knowledge and expertise from clinical practice at meetings, courses and congresses with the objective of constantly improving treatment methods and outcome to the benefit of their patients. Presently, there are 27 ITI sections worldwide with over 15,000 members and Fellows.

This program is supported and funded by the ITI (International Team for Implantology) and its members and thus is without charge to attendees. The ITI would also like to invite all members of the Penn and Temple Dental Faculty to this meeting.