Eleven years ago, I founded the Center City Study Club in order to promote networking, camaraderie, and a free exchange of ideas among dental professionals in Philadelphia. The CCSC has a solid core of approximately 45-55 members who each bring a unique perspective to the group.  I am excited to announce that all CCSC meetings for the 2018-2019 academic year will once again be held at Estia Greek Mediterranean Restaurant in Philadelphia. 

The basic structure for the CCSC 2018-19 academic year is as follows.

Quality lecture content relevant to your everyday clinical practice

4 Evening Meetings at Estia Greek Mediterranean Restaurant

Registration / Networking / Wine                                                    6:00-6:30pm

Seating / Dinner orders taken                                                         6:30-6:45pm

Introduction of Speaker                                                                  6:45-7:00pm

Lecture / Dinner served                                                                  7:00-8:15pm

Discussion                                                                                      8:15-8:30pm   

Annual Membership for 2018-19: $475 (includes all four sessions of 2018-2019 year, payment must be received 2 weeks prior to first session).

Single session dues is $150 per lecture.  If registering at least 2 weeks prior to event, the dues will be reduced to $125 per session.

We encourage staff to attend for a reduced fee of $ 95 per staff member.

As a certified Pennsylvania AGD CE provider, I am proud to provide 2 CE credits for each session up to a total of 8.0 CE credits for attendees.

Session 1: Tuesday, September 25, 2018 – Estia Restaurant Philadelphia

Marianna Evans, DMD –
– Clinical Associate at the University of
Pennsylvania Department of Orthodontics
and Private Practice Limited to
Periodontics, Orthodontics, and Dental
Implants, Newtown Square, PA.

“Airway Focused Palatal Expansion: Paradigm Shift in Orthodontics….”

With the introduction of the CBCT 3D imaging in Orthodontics we are discovering that maxillary hyperplasia, often associated with compromised upper airway function, is more common than previously thought. Recent CBCT studies suggest that up to 60% of this common skeletal deficiency is under-diagnosed with traditional
orthodontic measuring modalities. Imagine if you would miss 60% of dental decay with bite wings? Palatal expansion is a common treatment solution for underdeveloped upper jaw. Although expansion has often been
used in the situations of posterior cross-bites, recent studies suggest that many patients with maxillary
deficiencies in need of treatment may be masking a problem and clinically present without cross-bite. This presentation will introduce innovations in 3D virtual diagnosis of the maxillary deficiencies and discuss the link to airway-jaw development as it relates to respiratory problems. Latest advances in the implant supported non-surgical expansion and early childhood jaw development will also be discussed.

Session 2: Tuesday, November 13, 2018 – Estia Restaurant Philadelphia

Jay B. Laudenbach, DMD

– Private Practice Limited to
Periodontics and Dental Implants,
Philadelphia, PA.

“Full Arch Immediate Loading: Key Diagnostic Features to Optimize Clinical Success”

This presentation will include a comparison of several clinical cases treated with the “All In One” treatment approach. A discussion of key diagnostic factors will allow the participant to anticipate clinical challenges before initiating treatment. A brief review of the “All In One” approach to full arch immediate loading with dental implants will be made along with a brief literature review and description of relevant clinical terms related to immediate
loading will be presented. A brief overview of restorative
options will be presented with recommendations to improve long-term success. The lecture will conclude with a discussion of the current dental market with recommendations on how to motivate patients and improve case acceptance.

Session 3: Tuesday, January 29, 2019 – Estia Restaurant Philadelphia

Sam Kratchman, DMD –
– Associate Professor of Endodontics
and the Assistant Director of
Graduate Endodontics at the
University of Pennsylvania.

“Endodontic Microsurgery”

This lecture will discuss current trends in Endo/Implant treatment planning. New advances in endodontics, including 3D instrumentation and Bioceramics will be presented, followed by the prevalence of cracked teeth and the advantages of CBCT technology. Complications such as sinus involvement, treatment of otherwise hopeless teeth, and several other complex cases will be shown all involving modern endodontic techniques. The lecture will conclude with several cases in which intentional replantation saved otherwise helpless teeth.

Session 4: Tuesday, April 30, 2019– Estia Restaurant Philadelphia

Eva Anadioti, DDS, MS –
– Assistant Professor of Clinical
Restorative Dentistry at the
Department of Preventive and
Restorative Sciences at the
University Of Pennsylvania School Of
Dental Medicine and the Founding
Director of the Advanced Education
Program in Prosthodontics.

“Truth, Lies, and Prosthodontics”

The recent unprecedented technological advancements in digital and implant dentistry have affected previously established treatment philosophies and modalities. Current in vitro and clinical studies provide pertinent evidence for the use of contemporary materials and techniques for the restoration of dentate and edentulous patients. This presentation illustrates the importance of critical evaluation of available literature through specific research projects on the most rapidly changing topics in modern prosthodontics; digital technology and implant therapy. The first research focuses on the fit of all ceramic crowns fabricated with CAD/CAM systems as compared to the ones fabricated with conventional techniques. The second project describes the use of unsplinted implant supported maxillary overdentures as viable treatment option after assessment of patients’ quality of life and
associated complications.

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