Jay B. Laudenbach, DMD

Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology

Dr. Jay Laudenbach’s clinical practice focuses on providing comprehensive periodontal and dental implant therapy to improve health, wellness, and self-esteem.  As a board certified Periodontist Dr. Jay maintains the health of your teeth, prevents future gum disease and places dental implants to restore your smile and confidence.

Dr. Jay Laudenbach routinely coordinates treatment with other practicing dentists to plan and coordinate optimal periodontal and dental implant care.

Professional Awards, Memberships, Affiliations

Training and Education

In 2006 Dr. Jay Laudenbach completed a 4 year residency program in Periodontics and Periodontal Prosthesis at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine.  The program at Penn emphasizes periodontal and dental implant therapy as a foundation for rehabilitating the mouth, and improving patients’ smiles.  Dr. Jay has extensive training in the utilization of all of the leading implant systems available on the market today, including: Straumann, AstraTech, Nobel Biocare, 3i, Zimmer, Xive and Frialit.

Other aspects of Dr. Jay’s formative education include completion of his DMD training at the University of Pennsylvania in 2002, completion of an A.B. Biology degree from Brown University in 1997, and completion of 13 years of education at The Haverford School in 1993.

Clinical Teaching and Clinical Research

Dr. Laudenbach held a faculty appointment at the University of Pennsylvania as an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Periodontics, Periodontal Prosthesis, and Implant Dentistry instructing graduate periodontal residents in providing the latest periodontal and dental implant therapies.  Dr. Jay continues to lecture at Penn for the graduate and undergraduate dental programs on the topic of dental implants. Lastly, Dr. Jay has been involved in multiple dental implant clinical research studies evaluating immediate loading protocols of dental implants.  Dr. Jay continues to work closely with dental implant companies to develop new technological advances to improve your treatment options and outcomes.

Why you should seek care from a “boarded” periodontist:

Dr. Jay Laudenbach is a diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology. A Diplomate is a periodontist who has made significant achievements beyond the mandatory educational requirements of the specialty and who is certified by the American Board of Periodontology. To be educationally qualified for Board certification requires:

  • Certification as a dentist, including basic college education and completion of dental school to earn the D.D.S. or D.M.D. degree and;
  • Certification as a periodontist after postdoctoral study in an ADA approved program. This period of study is concentrated on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of periodontal disease.

In addition to the educational requirements, Board certification requires:

  • Comprehensive ABP Qualifying and Oral Examinations covering all phases of periodontal disease and its treatment, including dental implants.
  • Presentation of detailed reports on a broad range of actual treatment personally provided by the periodontist.
  • Recertification every three years.

Professional Lecture

Dr. Jay continues to share his passion and experience in the field of implant dentistry by lecturing professionally at the University of Pennsylvania, Albert Einstein Medical Center, and on behalf of Straumann, a leading dental implant manufacturer.  Dr. Jay has also lectured on behalf of the Linhart International Continuing Education program at the NYU Dental School, the Temple Dental International Continuing Education curriculum, the International Team for Implantology, and for various professional dental organizations in the greater Philadelphia area.

Personal Life

Dr. Jay has lived in the greater Philadelphia area almost all of his life. He grew up with a background in science and a passion for art and sculpture.  Dr. Jay conducted an independent selective in wood and ceramic sculpture at The Haverford School in Haverford, PA, has taken illustration and graphic design courses at the Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, and pursued an interest in large scale installation sculpture at Brown University in Providence, RI.  Dr. Jay’s background in both science and art continues to provide him with inspiration and pleasure in the practice of clinical dentistry.  Dr. Jay also enjoys travel and spending time with his family.