Dental Implant Treatment Flow

Dental implants are placed with minimal to no discomfort after gentle administration of local anesthesia.  Implant placement is a very short procedure, and patients typically have very little or no discomfort following the procedure.  In most cases implants placed at our office only require 1 surgical procedure and are ready for restoration by your dentist in as little as 6 to 12 weeks. During this waiting period the stability of the dental implant is dynamic, and we will ask that you do not chew anything directly on the protective cap until the implant is completely restored. If the area of the missing tooth is esthetically noticeable, we will recommend fabrication of a temporary appliance or crown so that you never leave our office missing a tooth during your care.  Typically implants placed in the front of the mouth usually require an additional time period with a customized temporary crown to optimize the esthetic appearance and shape of the adjacent gum tissue.

At the end of the prescribed waiting period Dr. Laudenbach will take an x-ray and confirm the stability of the dental implant. This brief, painless appointment ensures that your implant is ready for the next phase of care.  After this stability confirmation appointment Dr. Laudenbach will communicate with your dentist about “restoring” your implant.  Your next appointment will be with your “restorative dentist” who will take an impression and start making your final crown and “abutment.”  The abutment is a supportive post that attaches to the implant and supports your final tooth replacement (ie. crown or bridge). In some cases Dr. Laudenbach will place the abutment to facilitate care for your dentist.  A protective cap will be cemented on top of the abutment until you see your “restorative dentist” for an implant impression visit. 

After the impression visit your dentist will work with a dental laboratory to create your replacement tooth / teeth.  This process can be as short as 2 or 3 weeks, but can take longer depending on the complexity of your care. 

Our goal is to make this process as simple as possible for you with the least disruption to your daily life throughout this process.